Shopify SEO mini-course, DAY 2: Titles, URLs and Meta Descriptions on pages and blog posts.

Time to implement: Several minutes to several hours (if you have a large number of pages and/or blog posts).

So after Day 1, you're probably exhausted. And I don't blame you. The good news is that Day 2 will borrow heavily from what you learned on Day 1. Today we're going to perform the same basic task as yesterday, only we're going to do it for all of the normal pages and blog posts inside your shop.

So head into the admin (and you'll do the same thing for both "Pages" and "Blog Posts") and we're going to open each page, and each blog post and perform the same SEO work.
pages and blog posts in admin

Fortunately, the same principles that we used on Day 1 apply here, in all cases.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  1. When editing the Meta Description for pages, try to summarize the page's key point(s). Some pages like your privacy or shipping policy pages aren't as likely to turn up in search results so this won't be quite as much fun or important as pages like "About Us" or "FAQs."
  2. On blog posts, you don't have the ability as of this writing to edit the URL. This is just how Shopify handles it, but it's nothing to worry about, they do a pretty good job of making an appropriate URL out of your post title. So focus your energy on that title, and you'll be in good shape.


Don't have very many content pages? Remember that the more relevant, quality content you have on your site about your products, your industry, your niche - the more content Google has to index, the greater your "footprint" is in the Google index, and the easier it is for Google to determine what you're all about.

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